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Dear Stuart,
Dear Dr. Martin,

I am happy to contact you again.
I am happy about the step on which we are in organizing the seminar. Many times, when I am sitting and thinking, I conclude that God is Good all the time. To believe and think positively is a big medicine.

I remember, in 2008, I was in 2nd year at university when I started to think hard on what I can realize in the villages of Burundi especially my birth village. Imagine, I was born in “poor” village made of dispersed households. My elder brothers and sisters, village mates didn’t continue studies after primary school. I have been the first students to enter secondary school. I’m happy; children enter secondary school and university after me. I am happy to be an inspiration to other children in the village.
In 2008, I was not getting enough finances I need as student of university and I decided to look for small jobs outside class time and I got success. I was thinking hard what to do for my family.

I thought on another level: “maybe my family is confident their child will support them, and what about my neighbors who haven’t a child doing studies like me, what about their hope and are they thinking on me?”

I got a holistic idea to develop the whole village. And I was also thinking how to reach other villages of Burundi. I continued to think and rethink. It is a joy and satisfaction to me to find good answers to my questions. One culmination has been my contact with anamed. I am happy to find support (spiritual and material) to my dreams. In June 2011, I get in contact with anamed. On the 5th November, Dr. Martin, I met you not by books, but face to face, teaching us.

I am happy to discover village anamed health center system. I am thinking hard on this system and I am making research (documentation) on it. Truly, this system fit for our third world. Meanwhile, I am doing research (documentation) on cooperatives, especially agricultural cooperatives. This system of cooperative coincides well with anamed health center in the village. I am now thinking on a certain village image in which each village has one a cooperative, a village supermarket, a health center to get natural products, filtered water, soaps, etc. I am thinking that villages from different localities will exchange products. Hot area villages produce what is not produced in cold area villages. Population of one village will sell their agriculture products at good prices in the cooperative and buy what they need at low prices. Furthermore, they get monthly or bimonthly income from the cooperative. This may bring a lot of sustainability.

Dear Dr. Martin, Thank you to start anamed.

Dear Stuart, Thank you for Bye Bye Malaria. Thanks to link me to inform me on Jamkhed philosophy. I have visited their website. I am sure the books will help a lot here Burundi combined with anamed philosophy. My mailing address is:

Vital Kwizera
P.O.Box.: 7103 Bujumbura, Burundi
Tel: +257 79708444
Email :

Tomorrow, I will meet Dr. Jason. On wednesday, I will present you our expections after the seminar and the letter of invitation for the seminar.

Best regards.

Yours sincerely,
Vital Kwizera.