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Dear Stuart,

I am happy to contact you again.
I would like to present you the expectations, what we are expecting from the participants.

Expectations after the anamed seminar in Burundi at Kibuye Hope Hospital:

  1. Each participant will create his/her garden of medicinal plants;
  2. Each participant will be making safe natural products;
  3. Participants will treat themselves, their families, and other persons in the community;
  4. They will teach (hygiene, nutrition and herbs) their families, their colleagues, and other persons in the community;
  5. They will make a network between them so that they will form a network of researchers on main diseases, especially malaria which is a threat in our villages.
  6. Participants will start a special malaria project (Understand Malaria: How can Humans and Mosquitoes be free of Plasmodium?).

Dear Stuart, these are the expectations.
I will be happy to have some contributions, critics and comments on these, so that we can improve.

Best regards.

Yours faithfully,
Vital Kwizera
(Gardener at Kibuye Hospital and anamed Burundi coordinator)