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Hello Spani!
Warm greetings to you in the Lord's name. Many thanks for your e-mail. I want to thank you in a special way for the support towards the training on artemisia growing. I have been thinking deeply to see how I can effectively handle this project. Having thought deeply about it, I have chosen to train and handle this project with women. These women are in their association called Christian Women Association of Lodonga Parish. In their association, they have been active in micro savings, poultry keeping, small scale farming, among others. Women in Africa are culturally linked to the care of the children. Children form the highest percentage in terms of malaria attacks in Uganda. Lodonga sub county equally has high malaria prevalence. I will work with them to strive for the success of the project. The twenty women shall be selected based on their performance in the small scale farming and her commitment to do the project. At the end of the training, we will come up with some guiding rules that will go help the smooth running of the project. I intend to have the training as soon as I get the starter-kit as this is the raining season here. I am meeting Dr Hans Martin early next week. I wish you all the best in your struggle. May God bless you.
Christopher Nyakuni.