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Grow your own medicine

Seminar by Bye, Bye Malaria Society

Thursday May 3rd  10:00 am – 2:30 pm
Location Wagner Hills Farms  8061 264 St  Langley

 No car? – we are trying to arrange car pool from King George Skytrain station.

Limited to 15 participants or couples.  Includes lunch.. Advise if vegetarian. (One set of literature and plants per couple.) Cost $60.00 per single - $65.00 per couple. Several spots are already reserved.

Summary  Some ideas toward living a long, active life.
Healing properties of everyday foods.
Growing, harvesting, preserving and using healing plants, concentrating on Artemisia A3 and Moringa.
Each student will receive 3 Artemisia A3 plants and a dwarf  Moringa tree, plus seeds of other healing plants

Each student will receive an information package which includes a book and poster documenting the use and dosages of many healing plants which have been used to treat many diseases.

Most western medicines are produced by either synthesizing or extracting chemicals from the plants God has given us.  Many bacteria, viruses and parasites develop immunity to these chemicals.  However in my research I have not found a single case where a disease has developed an immunity when patients who have been treated with the plant itself.

In the NE India state of Mizoram deaths from malaria have dropped by over 98%.  Much of this been attributed to a simple tea made from leaves of Artemisia A3.

An HIV hospital in Tanzania treated 123 patients with this same tea, plus Moringa and garlic.  All gained weight, their white blood cells increased and their overall health improved dramatically.  5 actually became HIV negative, something unheard of.  Again there were no serious side effects.  Many others are reporting the same type of results

1/3 of cancer patients treated with the same combination have shown a dramatic improvement both in general health and cancer marker counts.  Another 1/3 showed some improvement while 1/3 were not helped.  In all cases they knew within 10 days of beginning treatment and  none had serious side effects.  Further if chemo was needed, many of the nasty side effects were lessoned. A German university  has shown that much less radiation is needed, to obtain the same results, when combined with this treatment.

Our Societies volunteer board members are all dedicated Christians whose motivation is to freely pass on information which can improve health.

Payment at seminar – register as soon as possible.  If for any reason  you decide you can’t come advise us immediately so we can fill the seminar.